If there wasn’t enough advertising amongst us already, a new technology called Beacon has been introduced, and is going to be implemented by tons of retailers shortly. More specifically, The Hudson’s Bay in Canada and Lord & Taylor in the U.S. have decided to deploy Beacon in their stores as of August 2014!

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Now you may be wondering, what exactly is Beacon technology? Essentially, it is a technology that connects through Bluetooth to provide push notifications to your phone of certain, exclusive announcements to those who have connected with the stores’ apps. Unless you are connected to the app, you won’t be able to access these special memos. Some of the memos could be plain old advertising, special event information, or even special promotions that are exclusive to users! Whatever the retailers choose to put out for exclusive customers is what you’ll discover if you download their apps & walk around the store.

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One of the main goals of Beacon technology is to convert window shoppers into paying customers, helping to increase sales. It’s a smart move as it will give customers a value added experience when shopping. As customers browse different sections, push notifications will alert the shopper of special promotions in that specific department – something not all customers will have access to.

Although it’s totally brand new, Beacon seems to be the future of mobile advertising and in-store promotions. Instead of having customers approach employees or employees having to tell customers about special promotions, Beacon is a simple and effective way of pushing sale information to shoppers. Who knows, this could be the next step of getting people to purchase more and actually spend time in retail locations instead of online! It may just take a while before it really gets going.

Do you think you would benefit from Beacon technology?

Source: Fashionista

Featured Image Source: Yahoo Finance

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