While everyone had the weekend to check out the Hudson’s Bay shoe show floor, we were just waiting to check it out ourselves!

Hudson’s Bay has just opened a 50,000 square foot women’s shoe show floor on the ground-floor of the company’s Flagship Queen Street store in Toronto.  According to popular retail website – Retail-Insider, the shoe floor is currently the 4th biggest in the world – with only stores in Dubai, New York and Paris surpassing the 50,000 sq. foot mark.   If you’re trying to picture where they put this huge new show floor, it’s now located in the Entire western corridor of the ground floor of the Queen location.

Last week marked the “soft launch’ of the space with more designers and space to be added a long the way. We’ve even heard that Jimmy Choo is rumoured tobe opening a boutique type space within the space as well.

Next time we’re in the area, we’ll take a closer look at the new space, and give you guys the updates!

Source: Retail- Insider
Photo: Sam Yuen Retail-Insider

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