One of our favourite blogs (Hypebeast), and one of our favourite brands (Puma) are throwing together quite a cool collaboration.

We first got wind of the blog and brand working together, when Hypebeast released a teaser video last week.

Celebrating Hong Kong culture and it’s relation to food, Hypebeast has honoured the city with Puma releasing the Dim Sum project Blaze of Glory Puma pack which includes original lightweight “LTWT” Puma technology.

If you’ve ever eaten dim sum before, you are very familiar with Har Gao and Siu Mai (If you haven’t what are you waiting for) Hence why hypebeast has used the two food for inspiration naming the white clear version “Har Gao” and the yellow colourway Siu Mai.

“The ‘Har Gao’ version features a subtle shrimp camo beneath a thin translucent layer, mimicking the wrapper skin of a Har Gao. Furthermore, the “Siu Mai” is a more simple affair with high quality suede and leather clad in a tonal yellow that also represents the wrapper of a Siu Mai.”

Available May 17th, you can find these puppies at LIVESTOCK in Canada.


Source: Hypebeast.

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