There’s no doubt that IKEA has done a great job in becoming the go-to destination for easy and inexpensive homewares. Just last year, more than 25 million people visited the 12 IKEA locations across Canada, and IKEA Canada’s new president, Stefan Sjöstrand, has plans to increase sales and popularity by making shopping at IKEA even more convenient and enjoyable for people who don’t like to shop or are just too busy.

Sjöstrand will focus on making the brand more accessible by leveraging new technologies and offering new services. Some of the new services include one that has IKEA associates gathering items on a customer’s shopping list so that the customer does not have to search the isles themselves ($39) and one service that allows a customer’s chosen products to be delivered to their home the same day ($50). IKEA already offers a service that has employees assemble purchased furniture and soon we can also expect designated pick-up locations, so that customers can pick-up their items at a convenient location rather than the store.

In addition to new services, IKEA has a global focus on becoming energy independent and developing sustainable products. Currently, IKEA Canada owns a 46 megawatt wind farm in Pincher Creek, just south of Calgary. By 2020, they hope to product more renewable energy than they consume, which will lower operating costs and prices of items available at IKEA.

What do you think about IKEA Canada’s improved services? Will you use them? Comment below!

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Source: The Star

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