As someone who has recently assembled more than his fair share of IKEA furniture, I was pleasantly surprised to hear of a new Ikea line that the brand has been advertising. Let us introduce you to the Regissör line of furniture. According to Ikea, the furniture does not require any tools, and only takes 5 Minutes to assemble. 

SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE! How amazing would it be,  if instead of labouring on your hands and knees all weekend, you could have an Ikea shelf ready in the same time it usually takes you just to open the damn box?!  Well is it true? Does Ikea really have Furniture that can be put together in 5 minutes flat? Watch the video by Business Insider above and check out the quote from Business Insider CEO Henry Blodgate –  “The idea that you could assemble this in five minutes is a complete hallucination.”

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