I’m sure everyone remembers the Ikea monkey named Darwin? He was found a couple years ago wandering at an Ikea in a little coat. It was adorable, but brought up many issues surrounding the ethical treatment of exotic animals.
Well it turns out, Darwin’s former owner has bought two new monkeys.

After Darwin received international recognition for his little coat and the fact that he was found at an Ikea, the authorities rightly seized Darwin from his owner  as Toronto by-laws prohibit the ownership of primates. Darwin, bless his little heart has been living at the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Suderland Ontario ever since.

Owner Yasmin Nakhuda took the issue to court in order to regain ownership of Darwin, but she eventually lost the appeal.

Recently according to a Facebook page that supports Nakhuda, she has purchased two snow Japanese Macaque Monkeys ( same as Darwin), and has moved to the Kawartha Region of Ontario which does not have a by-law against owning Monkeys.

According to CTV Animal Justice has used the recent news of the new monkey’s to start a new debate on the subject of owning exotic animals.

“Ontario urgently needs consistent, province-wide laws for the keeping and sale of exotic pets,” Camille Labchuk, director of legal advocacy for Animal Justice Canada, said in a news statement. “Municipalities have been forced to pick up the slack, and the result is an inconsistent patchwork of bylaws that allows private pet collectors to keep primates and other dangerous animals in many areas. Consistent, province-wide rules are the only way to protect public safety and animal welfare.”

“The group says while veterinary evidence strongly suggests that primates don’t make suitable pets, municipalities in Ontario allow these “dangerous animals” to be kept without a license.”

Source: CTV NEWS

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