IKEA Play Cafe Opens in Toronto

IKEA has just launched an immersive pop-up experience and is inviting all Torontonians to come check it out.

IKEA has just launched an immersive pop-up experience and is inviting all Torontonians to come check it out.  Named the IKEA Play Café, IKEA’s new pop-up experience allows visitors to engage in a variety of activities and challenge their taste buds at the café. Additionally, visitors can shop a curated selection of 50 cooking, eating, and entertaining items.  The cafe is located at 336 Queen St. W. and will act as a destination that empowers the consumer to challenge their conventions when it comes to mealtimes, hosting and entertaining.


IKEA Play Café is made up of three distinct areas; shopping, eating and playing. Some of the activities include: a giant pinball machine with IKEA baking items encouraging visitors to have fun and relax when it comes to baking; a bright and large scale wall made up of LED light bulbs and colourful IKEA KALAS children’s cups, enticing guests to make art work out of their glassware; and IKEA Kitchen Dance, which invites people to compete against each other in a kitchen dance party to win the title of Best Kitchen Dancer.

“For the past two years, the theme at IKEA has been focused on life in and around the kitchen and all the moments that happen in-between,” said Lauren MacDonald, Head of Marketing, IKEA Canada. “We know Canadian families feel pressure when it comes to their food choices.  At the IKEA Play Café we want to encourage guests to strip away conventional beliefs surrounding food and inspire them to relax, have fun and start playing again.”

Furthermore,  IKEA Play Café has its own bistro where visitors can take the iconic IKEA meatball, chicken ball or veggie ball and experiment with a variety of unexpected toppings to create their very own unique combination. For dessert, visitors can pick up a frozen yogurt and relax on the outdoor patio.

Even shopping defies conventions in the IKEA Play Café where visitors can use Radio-frequency identification (RFID) activated wooden spoons to explore and shop a selection of 50 cooking, eating and entertaining items; enabling Canadians to shop in a whole new way.

IKEA Play Café runs from June 16-27 at 336 Queen St. W., Toronto. Admission is free to the public. The hours of operation are as follows: Monday – Saturday: 11am – 8pm & Sunday: 10am6pm. Visitors can find more information at www.IKEA.ca/playcafe.