So you’ve decided you’re going to buy something at Ikea. Although the designs are awesome, the price is right, shopping at Ikea can be painful. Although you can make returns, I equate the experience similar to waiting in an emergency room, or waiting to getting your passport renewed. It’s no fun! You take a number and you wait, if you were foolish enough to make your return on a Saturday or Sunday, there goes your weekend.

Luckily for you and I Ikea knows that one of their flaws in their customer service. So in order to combat long wait lines, the Swedish retailer has come up a hi-tech solution! Using your phone and the latest edition of Ikea’s print catalogue you can virtually try out the furniture before you buy it. The catalogue features about 100 pieces  you can try out virtually.

Wait try furniture before you buy it? How?

Customers who flip through Ikea’s 2014 Catalogue can use their iPhone or iPad to hover over little “+” signs at the bottom of the pages. Certain pieces will allow for a 3d augmented reality version to be viewed on a mobile device- lamps, couches, tables and more- can be virtually placed throughout out your home.  The application actually uses the catalog thrown on the floor to superimpose furniture in a specific area.

Still confused, watch the above video.


Source: Selecticism

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