The Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Toronto

Every good latte needs an equally artful backdrop. Take a look at the most Instagrammable coffee shops.
The Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Toronto

“Keep calm and coffee on,” so the saying goes… but also make time to grab a snap or two! Coffee shops come in all different shapes and sizes, and many of them are creatively stunning.  When latte-making can be called an art, it’s really no surprise though, that coffee shops have become just as pleasing on the eyes; every good latte needs an equally artful backdrop. Take a look at the most Instagrammable coffee shops in Toronto below:


Image: Instagram/@julianadamiao

One of the most frequented spots in the East, Odin is one part coffee shop, one part bar. It boasts clean architectural lines and interesting shapes, with a full on wolf mural near the back. Photo op anyone? Self-dubbed as a Nordic-Canadian Cafe + Bar, the artwork and wood elements play on this theme. Oh, and did we mention the eats? The avocado toast is delish!

Dineen Coffee

Image: Instagram/@to.cafes

Right, smack, dab in the middle of downtown, people flock to Dineen on a regular basis. Despite the crowd, it’s well worth it! Sitting cozy in a historic Toronto building, it’s a beautiful juxtaposition of old meets new. The main draws are the incredible chandelier light piece, and the amazing tile flooring (you’ve definitely seen it on insta!).

Reunion Island Coffee

Image: Instagram/@itsmejack

Okay, if a picture of the tiled floor at Reunion Island Coffee hasn’t popped up in your feed, you may be living under a rock – even better reason for you to go see it. The clean, white, bright space is ideal for the coffee obsessed as they roast their own beans in-house. You can guarantee quality and flavour here.


Image: Instagram/@lau.cheryl

FIKA Cafe has Kensington Market written all over it. That quaint charm that comes from re-purposing old things and making them new again. Take for example the book wall which was wall-papered using 100’s of pages and books. Makes a very interesting backdrop, no?

De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters

Image: Instagram/@lebinebru

Art exhibit? Art installation? What is it? Walking into De Mello Palheta is like walking into Wonderland. Bright pops of colour are every which way you look, cubist-type paintings spread over the walls and there’s even several umbrellas hanging from the ceiling as an art piece. Sound odd? You’ll have to go see it to believe it.

Early Bird

Image: Instagram/@globalgarcon

Queen West favourite, Early Bird, is where all the trendy local folks go. Long and thin like most shops on the strip, Early Bird has clean white walls, decorated with modern-rustic furniture. The big floor to ceiling windows by the entrance let lots of natural light in and the metal bench just outside makes for a good photo op.

Sorry Coffee Co.

Image: Instagram/@sorrycoffeco

Sorry Coffee Co. is not sorry for being beautiful. Located in the back of athleisure store Kit and Ace, the space is modern, minimal and has a stunning marble countertop. Stop by for a latte-gram or candid “I was just sipping my coffee” snap and throw in a little Kit and Ace Shopping too while you’re at it.

Boxcar Social

Image: Instagram/@styledemocracy

Having a number of locations across Toronto, odds are there might be a Boxcar social semi-close to you. If not, it’s definitely worth a visit. Exposed brick, reclaimed wood, and metal features add for a real industrial look. It’s a good place to get settle back with a book (after some grams of course).

Balzac’s Coffee

Image: Instagram/@itsjuliahuang

Balzac’s has a number of locations in Toronto, but each one was chosen for its historical significance. Stepping into one their shops is almost like stepping back in time. The cafes are rich in vintage details and will offer some pretty unique Insta shots if you ask us.

Did we miss any of the most Instagrammable coffee shops in Toronto?

Featured Image: Instagram/@ricoffeeco

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