While it might be narcissistic, there’s something about seeing a ‘like’ notification on your phone that just brightens our day. Those ‘double taps’, however, aren’t always easy to come by and making new fresh content that your followers will give a heart to can be a struggle. Luckily, Toronto’s a beautiful city, full of wondrous, picture perfect spots that are sure to up your Instagram game.

If you’re chasing those likes, these brilliant backdrops are sure to impress your followers. Here are the 20 most Instagrammable places in Toronto:

Hustle Mural 

Splashed across a brick wall in the heart of Liberty Village is the Hustle mural, designed by Canadian artist Ben Johnston. If you’re hustlin’ for the ‘gram, you’ll want to hit up this spot, which is an homage to the entrepreneurial spirit of the area.

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Nathan Phillips Square

Located in front of City Hall is the now famous Toronto sign. The multi-colour letters are a must-snap for visitors and locals alike. Since popping up a little over a year ago, the sign has gone through a lot, but Instagrammers will be happy to know that the perpetually photographed landmark is getting a facelift this May, and then again in September.

Pink Park

Right in the heart of City Place is the June Callwood park (also known as ‘the Pink Park’). This cotton-candy-hued space makes for almost otherworldly Instagrams.

This is Paradise Wall

Tom Dean’s mural on the side of the Cameron House was created after the artist was evicted from his home and moved into the Cameron House. Now, the baby blue and yellow mural takes up half a city block on a side street of Queen West.

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Sugar Beach

From the pastel pink umbrellas to the warm sand to the chunks of Canadian shield, there are lots of photo opportunities. This beachy getaway is located right in the heart of the downtown core.

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Evergreen Brick Works

Just a short bus ride away from Broadview station, the Evergreen Brickworks is a restored brickwork factory that has the same aesthetic appeal as a Brooklyn loft. Bonus: head down on a weekend morning and grab a snack at the farmer’s market to fuel your ‘gramming. 

You’ve Changed Mural 

Another block, another Instagrammable wall, this one by artist Jesse Harris. Located just east of Queen and Dovercourt, the mural represents how much the strip has changed over the years, and acts as a source of inspiration to locals at CAMH.

Kensington Market

There are so many great places to snap a picture in Kensington Market. Whether it be in front of a graffiti plant-filled car, a colourful house, patterned steps on a patio or the famed Kensington sign (located on the top outdoor level of a Baldwin St. parking garage), you’re sure to get a good ‘gram (especially if you grab a churro cone while you’re there).

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Graffiti Alley

The alleyway between Portland and Spadina is home to some of the largest and most colourful graffiti in the city. Keep an eye out for Instagram meet-ups on Bunz, as there are bi-monthly Insta excursions to this very alley.

The Thompson Rooftop

If you haven’t run out of “Views” lyrics to use as captions, swing by the Thompson Hotel’s rooftop for a jaw-dropping view of the Toronto skyline.

Village of Yorkville Park

In the heart of Yorkville is where you’ll find this urban park, which transforms depending on the time of the year. While the scenery will change slightly throughout the seasons, what you can always count on is a good snap in the award-winning area.

Edwards Gardens

Just West of the historical Bridle Path lies Edwards gardens, a floral oasis right in the North of the city. Swing by in spring to see the cherry blossoms bloom.

Kate Moss Mural

After brunch at Portland Variety, up your cool girl (or guy) status by dropping by the Kate Moss mural by artist Rēdsāce south on Portland.

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Sanko Trading Co. 

This Japanese grocery store is a favourite in the ‘hood, and while the inside is full of delicious treasures and pretty knick knacks, the outside is pretty special too. Along the west side of the building on Claremont, you’ll find a brilliant graffitied wall, perfect for your next backdrop.

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Allan Gardens

Closer to downtown, the Allan Gardens greenhouse is open to the public and is home to tropical flora and fauna (they even have a cacti garden).

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The Art Gallery of Ontario

Thanks to Frank Gehry’s stunning architecture and ever-rotating exhibits or contemporary art, the Art Gallery of Ontario is always a safe bet for a solid snap.

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Crown Flora Studio (Parkdale) 

Avid Instagrammers will know the internet-famous Paul Smith wall in LA, but did you know that we have our own in Toronto? And we’ve gotta say, with beautiful greenery outdoors courtesy of Crown Flower, the pink wall is pretty cute (dare we say, even cuter than LA’s?). For a double-whammy of ‘gram-worthy shots, head inside and check out Crown Flora’s collection of plant life.

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The Aga Khan Museum

The Aga Khan is one of the newest addition to Toronto’s museum rotation. The museum is home to an astounding collection of Islamic art, all housed in a dramatic building by Moriyama and Teshima.

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Ripley’s Aquarium

Alright, everyone and their mom have posted a photo of Ripley’s jellyfish, but the eerie blue and purple hues of the aquarium make for so many aesthetic options.

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R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

This plant has been treating Toronto’s water for over 7 decades, but it does other good, too… As a backdrop to your next picture. Those ‘double taps’ are worth the trek to the architecturally acclaimed historic building on the east end of the city. Do it for the ‘gram!

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Did we miss any of the most Instagrammable places in Toronto? Let us know in the comment section.

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