In a world of endless selfies, it seems we just can’t get enough of ourselves. You’d think that by now, people would have calmed down a little bit on the selfie front. But now with a slew of products hitting the markets – aimed at making taking selfless easier, there is actually a selfie industry. The selfie isn’t going anywhere.

Haven’t seen any of the products? Take a trip to your local mall, or anywhere where teens hang out and you will surely see at least one Selfie Stick, the ridiculous looking device that helps take vanity to a new level.


If you think the Selfie Stick is a little too much, let us introduce you to the Belfie Stick.

“Belfie” a termed coined by Kim Kardashian on Instagram, refers to the action of taking a photo of your butt “selfie” style. Belfie sounds stupid, but like the selife it has caught on. Right after Kimmy K coined the phrase models Cheryl Cole and Kelly Brook followed up with their own belife photos, and there are now currently 91,844 posts on Instagram tagged #Belfie.

With this many people taking belfies, there surely must be a product to make such a difficult task easier. Here’s where the Belfie Stick comes in. Designed with a movable arm, the belfie stick allows you to take perfect butt shots without straining your neck or back… lol. With preimium abilities like the ones mentioned, the Belfie Stick comes with a heft price tag. While a regular selfie stick  an be found on Alibaba for as little at $7.99 the new Belfie Stick is priced at 10 times higher at around $80.00 USD.

Yup $80.00 for a stick that helps you take pictures of your butt…. Here’s to 2015!

Source: TechCrunch 


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