When we saw this story, we were thinking that this had to be one of those things that fall into the “too good to be true” category. CBC is reporting that the Free TV Box that allows you to say goodbye to your cable bill may currently be legal in Canada.

If you haven’t heard of the Free TV Box, it’s a U.S.-based  product that allows users to have instant access to watch any TV episode and never pay a monthly bill.

What’s the catch? Well, currently it doesn’t seem like there is one. Customers have to initially pay for the device which will cost around $200, however, the allure of no more cable bills is pretty strong.

It works similarly to Netflix. Users start out with a box-shaped device that they connect to their TV and to an internet connection. Free TV Boxes are often called Android Boxes and allow users to download apps and special software to stream and access an unlimited number of TV shows without any commercials or ads.

So is it legal? According to the CBC, since users aren’t technically downloading content and simply streaming it, it falls into a grey zone under Canadian law. While maybe not 100% legal, it’s definitely not illegal, making it a moral decision left up to the user.

Source: CBC 

Image Source: flickr


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