The world’s first comprehensive iStore opens next week, on the third level of Montreal’s Centre Rockland. The stunning, 3,000 square foot space is a prototype for future locations, as the retailer plans to eventually open stores across Canada.

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Photo: iStore

Photo: iStore

iStore is a novel digital lifestyle boutique carrying a broad range of digital products from leading tech brands. The comprehensive collections include mobile devices, fashionable cases and accessories, audio goods, entertainment and lifestyle toys and gadgets, health and fitness products and other technologies for a connected home. iStore is also an Apple Authorized Reseller.

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The company describes the new store as a “sleek, glamorous setting and wide array of cutting‐edge digital accessories [and a] unique and exciting shopping destination”. Its uncluttered interior features black and white patterned high‐gloss ceramic floors, contrasting with the store’s predominantly white colour scheme. Curved modular Corian tables feature floating trays, where out‐of‐box products are displayed. The colour of its LED exterior and back wall are customizable.

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