Over the past 5 years, bluetooth technology has surged, making wireless bluetooth listening devices the standard in 2014.  Our friends at Jabra have recently released the Jabra Move Wireless and at the $100 price point,  the Move headphones could be the best in that category.

The Move Wireless has a very similar design to Jabra’s Revo wireless (the top dog in their wireless bluetooth headphone category), but with notable differences. The outer casing on the headphones is plastic which makes the Move more susceptible to breakage, but at $100 that’s expected.

The overall design is fantastic, plush earpads are perfect for long listening periods and the knitted fabric headband is super stylish. With an option for a plugin audio cable, the move, becomes a pretty solid pair of wired headphones as well.  Available in black, blue and cayenne (pictured) overall the Jabra Move is classy with a little bit of fun style infused into it.

Let’s talk about sound. While we aren’t proclaiming to be music tech experts, the StyleDemocracy team does listen to a lot of music, and the Jabra Move Wireless holds it weight.
The sound is controlled on the left earcup with a volume switch, and flanked by a Play/Pause/Answer Call/End button. You can change tracks with the +  and – volume controls.


We’ve all taken turns using the Move Wireless in the office and find that on a full charge, the headphone easily last the entire day and with commuting time that’s about 8 hours a day.

The only thing missing from the Move Wireless is a carrying case, but at $100 it’s pretty clear that the people at Jabra couldn’t give you everything.

All in all the Jabra Move Wireless is a great product! It has a nice design, the sound is great and the price point is fantastic.

If you are still looking for a holiday gift for a music lover, check out the Jabra Move Wireless


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