Kate Moss has a pretty hefty resume. The 39 year-old model has been modelling since the 90s, was named 2007’s top 100 influential people by TIME magazine, the 2nd highest earning model in 2012 by Forbes, has designed multiple collections for Top Shop and will be posing nude for Playboy at the end of the year!

In addition to her already remarkable career, Vogue UK has just announced that they are making Moss a contributing editor. Despite past controversies, the british model has proved herself unstoppable! Made famous for her ‘heroin chic’ look, she has been featured as the cover girl for Vogue on 33 issues and acts as a spokes person for multiple brands. The lead photo is actually her very first cover for Vogue. Keep an eye out for her debut article that will be released in an upcoming Spring issue. We’re excited to see what journalism skills Moss has hidden up her sleeve.

Team Moss for the win!

Source: Vogue UK

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