You know that tiger sweater you keep seeing everywhere? The one that every blogger has, that’s been snapped in street style photos at almost every fashion week? Well that’s KENZO! The fashion house first began in 1970 when designer Kenzo Takada his first jungle inspired boutique in Paris. The label that started off as womenswear, quickly blossomed into menswear and fragrances and by 1993, KENZO was apart of the LVMH group. In 1999, the label turned 30 and Kenzo Takada retired as the artistic director. It took 12 years but KENZO was finally relaunched in 2011 by the founders of Opening Ceremony, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon.


Today, the duo have taken their own approach to the jungle jap aesthetic that Kenzo Takada began. By collaborating with artists such as Jean-Paul Goude and TOILETPAPER for innovative print campaigns, the design duo have gotten the attention of U.S and International fashion magazines, streetwear lovers, editors, stylists and bloggers. Since they’ve perfected their apparel collection, it only makes sense that their next move would be jewelry. The line has just recently been launched in North America, so KENZO fans can now appease their feline lust by heading to Holt Renfew to shop the unique and iconic tiger jewelry in gold, silver/coloured enamel combination. The collection, which uses highly specialized lacquer and resin techniques, was built to replicate the same colour palettes unique to KENZO’s clothing.


What do you think of the new KENZO jewelry? Would you rock the iconic tiger around your neck?


Source: Charming Media

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