The Korhani Runway show always seems to amaze us. It’s actually quite impressive what Creative Director Kirsten Korhani,  is able to do with Carpet. Yes Carpet.

If you’ve never heard of Korhani Home they have been making beautiful housewear for the past century, and they are most notably known for their carpets and rugs.

The Korhani Home show is off the charts, they take a product most of us take for granted, and fashion them into beautiful works of art. It helps that the garments weren’t made out of the type of carpet you’d find at grandma’s house. The patterns Korhani uses are bold, playful and over all fun.  For the past two years the show has been one of the most entertaining of the week, and if you ever get a chance to go see it in the future, DO IT!

With eye catching designs and great use of colour we actually heard some ladies sitting beside say “ I would actually wear that”.


Photos: Grayson Miller

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