It looks like another Canadian retailer has their back up against the ropes. Le Chateau is the latest retailer to find themselves losing market share and experiencing declining sales. Earlier last week, shares of the Montreal based clothing retailer plummeted nearly 19 per cent after the company reported its second straight quarter with a drop in sales.  Sales during that period were $68.3 million a number down almost 10 per cent from $75.7 million the year before.

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It is becoming increasingly difficult for once large scale Canadian retailers to keep their brands successful in the current competitive Canadian retail landscape.  With 226 Le Chateau stores in Canada, one in the U.S. and five in the Middle East, one could expect that stores might start closing, although we have no confirmation to the fact. As of now, it looks like Le Chateau will continue to fight, and we hope they do as it’s getting harder and harder for Canadian retailers.

Would you be sad if Le Chateau went under? Comment below!

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Source: Huffington Post

  • neil smith

    Baffles me that one can rent a car ,pay for gas then drives to the states and buy so much more high end clothes at even 80% the cost they would pay in Canada and these retailers still wondering why their sales are down.

  • Lumishness

    Le Chateau has changed so much since I used to shop there over 10 years ago! I used to love their fashion forward looks and neo-gothic styles. Now, which has been the case for the last 10 years, the fashions are not original and highly over-priced. It would be sad to see a Canadian retailer go but not unexpected in this case.

  • Bye bye overpriced French Canadian garb! Seriously – who was buying up all that clothing?! Pretty but pretty expensive. And I CANNOT remember the last time I entered a Le Château and was greeted. I can’t wait to buy up all your shit for 80% its marked up magical price – $79 for a cotton blend sweater you bought wholesale for $4.99?

  • meeks

    I only shop their outlets, or better yet clearance centres. I recently bought a fantastic dress for only $26, I never step foot in their regular stores. I really don’t know where I’d shop for dresses for occasions if they went under.

  • anonymously

    I hope they go under. I just got fired for no reason. The manager is an inexperienced douche bag….just kept saying I wasn’t the right fit. I think what happened was that she showed me her pay stub inadvertently I saw how much she makes and….oh…my…..god, not good. I stupidly told another girl I worked with, because she was curious if she’d advance how much she’d make as a manager, and I told her. Very stupid on my part….but what bothers me is the spineless coward they have as a manager won’t tell me the truth about why they were letting me go. Crappy employment aside, yes their clothes are completely overpriced. I once bought a knit shirt that literally got pulls in it EVERY time I wore it. If I were a customer paying the full $49.99 at be furious!!! They acted like it was no big deal….and I’m like…why would we continue to sell these when the quality is THAT terrible? They didn’t care, continued to sell it even tho it was overpriced garbage.

  • gina

    They deserve to go under! They treat their staff like crap. After consistently being top three in sales for 2 and a half years I was fired after taking 2 weeks off when my father underwent a quadruple bypass with complications. I informed them I was flying out of province to be by his side (he was recently widowed and alone) and when I returned 2 weeks later i was fired for “job abandonmemt” by the manager who had no experience and was new to the store. They didn’t even ask how my father was. Disgusting. I was told there would be no notice or severence because I was “only part time”. I will be so happy to see them close.

  • Richard Haines

    I worked at Le Chateau, Pacific Centre in Vancouver in 1995. I loved working there. Back then, the company was very fashion forward and the store was the highest selling in Canada. The company continues to hire Canadian designers right out of design school and employees over 2,000 staff company wide. They have been in business since 1959 and I’d be very disappointed to see them go.

  • Richard Haines

    Have you complained with your province’s labour relations board? If not, you should file a formal complaint and an investigation will be conducted.

  • Richard Haines

    The whole idea behind Le Chateau when I worked for them in 1995 was that they are not an American company with fake friendly greeters saying ” hi, how’s it going? that looks so amazing on you, how about trying on a belt and these socks”. They were set apart by their European flair and loud music blasting in their stores. I think where they went very wrong is their recent attempt to become more ‘grown up and upscale’ when they should have stayed making poor quality, cheap fast fashions.

  • anonymously

    It was a week before the 3 month probationary period, so I think they’re not obligated to give you a reason. However, any decent ethical employer should do so regardless. It’s just disrespectful not to.

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