Did you know that in North America up to 52% of fruits and veggies are wasted due to imperfection? ¬†A blemish here, a weird growth there, or lack of size. There are many reasons why a piece of fruit doesn’t make it to your local grocery stores.

After massive success of similar programs in the U.K., it looks like Loblaw will begin to embrace ugly fruit and start selling it at a discount. The other day Loblaw announced their launch a Naturally Imperfect program. The Naturally Imperfect line will start off as bags of apples and potatoes that are misshapen, undersized, blemished or just ugly. ¬†Naturally Imperfect products will be sold at a discount making it a win for consumers who don’t care if they have the roundest apples, and producers who can use more of their harvest and create less waste.


The program is already available is several Ontario stores, and Loblaw’s has the intention of rolling out the program country wide, and adding more fruits and vegetables to the roster.

Source: Financial Post

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