You’d think after Target Canada’s experience with Canadian shoppers, American retailers might think twice about heading north of the border. However Seattle based retailer Nordstrom’s is proving that their high level of customer service is a key factor in their future success.  According to Retail-Wire, early reviews of Nordstrom’s entry into Canada are very favourable and are winning Canadians over with brand selection, store design and of course customer service.

“Over the past few years, Calgarians have become so accustomed to lackadaisical customer service that even the simplest elements of client care are almost mind-boggling for us now,” wrote Meghan Jessiman (a writer on) the Calgary Herald site. “It sounds absurd, but the fact that I could actually find a sales associate at Nordstrom when I needed one and, beyond that, the lovely woman actually wanted to help me, automatically improved my shopping experience.”

Canadian do want high-quality high-end american retail options. This is quite evident by the fact that more than 2,000 people were lined up for Nordstrom’s Calgary opening.

In interesting thing to take into consideration is that, although Calgary’s Nordstrom is providing excellent customer service now, it might be difficult for them going forward, as it will be difficult to find staff to work at the Calgary store. Due to the fact that many Calgarians are employed in extremely well paying oil-sector jobs. According to the Herald though, it has not become a problem.

Source: Retail-Wire

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