According to a report made by Global News. “Target Canada raised prices on scores of products, from furniture to beauty supplies to pet food and cleaning detergent…”

After numerous customer complaints about raised prices by Target, Global News decided to take a look at the price differences leading up to the liquidation sale.  The check turned up findings that suggest that Targets in Toronto’s products saw a “meaningful hikes in cost in the immediate lead-up to Target Canada’s bankruptcy filing.”

Further more Global’s report highlights actual findings of price jumping.

“A 2.27 kilogram bag of IAMS dog food jumped to $12.29 on Jan. 15 from a price of $9.89 set on Oct. 12. Copies of popular DVDs, such as Anchorman starring comedian Will Ferrell, jumped to $10 on Jan. 9 – six days before the filing – from an original price of $7.99 set on Sept. 27.”

While Target Canada has shareholders and a U.S. counterpart to account to, tactics like this make customers even angrier, and promotes a distrust and bad will for cross-border shoppers who used to love shopping at Target.

While the article does highlight the fact that what Target is doing isn’t illegal it’s just poor taste. Especially with the fact that Target was promoting sales of 10% – 30% off.

Honestly it’s clear now that Target was not destined for north of the border, and we are kinda happy to see them go.

Read the report here

Source: Global News


  • adorita

    Lowes is doing a “no tax” event this week, but the items I have been eyeing are all 20-30% higher than last week. It is naive to think “sales” means lower prices.
    People have failed to see how well Target is handling the liquidation other than prices – the place is still neat and clean, the staff are kind and helpful. If the prices are not good, go elsewhere. They will lower them if people stop buying. When Zellers were closing, they were messy, staffs were so so rude. Prices weren’t great either.
    To be fair, Canadian dollars have dropped significantly since their new year. What you can do is check prices with your smartphone when you’re in their store.

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