Lately it seems like Lululemon has been all over the news regarding their losses, scandals, and whatever else can keep their name at the forefront of the consumer’s minds. But now, Shannon Wilson, the wife of Lululemon creator and ex-chairman Chip Wilson, has curated a new (and similarly pricey) line of “technical cashmere” tees for men and women, priced at $68 – $98. The brand, titled Kit and Ace, already has its own online shop where you can shop a full range of tees, tanks, halters, asymmetrical sleeves, patterns, and more.

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kit and ace

In my opinion, they seem like really nice casual tops, but not something that would be worth more than $30 – $50 max. The tops are made with 81% viscose (a fibre, also known as rayon, made from a wood cellulose), 10% elastane for the comfort level, and a whopping 9% cashmere. This blend doesn’t seem to be anything technologically unique, but since they’ve seen Lululemon make millions on overpriced activewear, it’s no surprise that the Wilson’s would use the same tactic with their new line of basics.

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kit and ace

From Kit and Ace:

We do Technical Luxury. We elevate luxury fabrications by applying technical and functional attributes. We value design, luxury and quality – and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are design led. We are passionate about integrity and people of integrity. It’s how we run our business.

Do you think the Kit and Ace tees are worth such hefty price tags?

Source: Racked

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