It seems as if Lululemon’s past struggles are starting to dissolve. Especially with their announcement that the brand is widening its scope of customers to include shoppers as young as six! This comes with the arrival of Lulu’s latest venture – Ivivva pronounced (Ih – Vee – Va). Ivivva is Lulu’s answer for a new generation of future yoga moms everywhere.

According to inside sources, Ivivva will have as many as 20 free standing stores across North America. The rapid expansion of the brand is due mostly to the fact that Ivivva has been doing so well in current Lululemon stores. Ivivva’s in-store sales rose by 37% in their most recent quarter, while all other Lululemon product took a 3% fall.

Ivivva will target girls aged 6 – 15 years old with crazy coloured sport bras, leggings, yoga pants, jackets and hoodies made to the same standards as Lululemon.

It’s a pretty strong strategy for Lulu, as the brand as faced several instances of backlash from current more mature customers. The brand is hoping that catering to a younger audience will in turn create long lasting Lulu faithfuls.

We will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Source: Business Insider 

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