The founder of a prominent commercial real estate company says that Macy‘s is likely coming to Canada, and that Nordstrom could open in downtown Edmonton. This gained considerable media attention and as a result, we received numerous emails and phone calls. The following is our comment and analysis, including a video clip from CTV news featuring Retail Insider’s Editor-in-Chief, Craig Patterson.

On Wednesday morning, Chuck Clubine, founding partner of Edmonton-based The Tricon Group, appeared on CTV Morning Live. During that broadcast, Mr. Clubine revealed that he believes Macy’s will open its first Canadian store at West Edmonton Mall, and that Nordstrom would open in downtown Edmonton. Specifically, he said that he had heard from “pretty good sources” that “luxury retailer” Macy’s would open in West Edmonton Mall, in an expansion wing beside the mall’s popular World Waterpark. Mr. Clubine then went on to say that Nordstrom could open in downtown Edmonton, either in the new Arena District, or in the retail podium of the new Kelly Ramsey Building

Macy's won't come to Canada

Click this image to watch the entire CTV news story, including Craig Patterson’s comments.

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