If you are a frequent shopper of Yorkdale mall, you’ll notice that it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It is packed, no matter what time of day it is and it looks as if shoppers will have more reason to stay at the mall instead of their own homes.

The Holt Renfrew in Yorkdale has been under construction for some time now and is being designed as the prototype for future Holt Renfrew locations. The store has already added a 10 000 square foot beauty hall and will soon debut an expanded menswear department, women’s designer floor and accessories area.

With the Bay’s new shoe floor and the announcement that they’ve just bought Saks Fifth Avenue, Holt Renfrew really has some stepping up to do. So, it is a good thing that they will be opening  Manolo Blahnik, Gucci and Jimmy Choo shoe boutiques alongside the Christian Louboutin shoe apartment this Fall.

I, personally, can’t wait to do some window shoe shopping once the boutiques open. Do you think that Holt Renfrew will give the Bay a run for their money?

Source: Retail Insider 

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