You might remember the frenzy that ensued when Alexander Wang surprised fans with free merchandise and it looks like Marc Jacobs is following a similar path. Instead of giving products away completely for free, Marc Jacobs’ fragrance division will be opening a pop-up shop that collects social media posts as currency during Fashion Week.

The pop-up shop, which is called Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet shop, will be open from February 7th to 9th in New York. Shoppers will be able to score Fragrances and Marc Jacobs accessories in exchange for tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts with the hashtag #MJDaisyChain. The shop is coordinated with the release of a new print Campaign for Jacobs’ fragrance, Daisy, and will include a lounge, a Daisy photo booth, food, drinks and Wi-Fi. As an added bonus, the most creative posts will win Marc Jacobs accessories through-out the day!

It’s definitely a creative way to get people talking about your product and everyone loves free stuff! What do you think about this marketing tactic?

Source: Fashionista

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