How to Maximize Points on your Optimum Card for Faster Rewards and Payoff

While many of us have probably been members and collectors for years (and why wouldn’t you be!), we have one tip that not many people know can help them earn more points and rewards faster!

Let your Shoppers Optimum Card earn even more for you! With over 1200 Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharma Prix locations nationwide, there is sure to be one nearby. While many of us have probably been members and collectors for years (and why wouldn’t you be!), we have one tip that not many people know can help them earn more points and rewards faster!

Buy Yourself a Shopper’s Drug Mart Gift Card

The sneaky, yet totally legitimate, tip that we all need to start capitalizing on pronto is to buy Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards. Surprisingly, members can earn Optimum points on the purchase of these. It is not widely publicized, and some employees are not always aware of this practice. Note that when you redeem your Shoppers gift card, you will earn points again for the items you are purchasing.

It may require an extra step in our shopping routines, but it is well worth it. Perhaps consider “buying” a larger denomination gift card for yourself, such as for $100,  that may then last a couple of visits to the store. Once the card is empty, simply reload it. Just remember to remind the cashier to scan your Optimum card.

Benefits of the Optimum Rewards Program

According to an article published by the National Bank, the Optimum Card is one of Canada’s most popular loyalty programs. For every dollar spent, a customer earns 10 points. At various thresholds, points can be redeemed for free product with very little exclusions. Point redemptions are as follows:

  • 8000 points = $10
  • 22000 points = $30
  • 38000 points = $60
  • 50000 points = $85
  • 95000 points = $170

An Optimum Card app is available for a mobile device to allow ease of collecting and redeeming points. Customized offers can be sent to the customer via the app. There are opportunities to earn even more points, as there are bonus days where customers can earn 20 times the points. In addition, when you buy yourself a gift card, you are earning more, too!

Some Exclusions for Points – But a Workaround!

Stamps and newspapers do not allow Optimum points to be earned on the direct purchase of these items but can be purchased with a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card. When you buy a Shoppers gift card and earn points on the purchase of the gift card, then you are indirectly earning some points on these items.

Unfortunately, Optimum points can not be earned on third party gift cards like Visa pre-paid cards or other retailer gift card and there is no workaround for this. These must be purchased with cash or a debit card.  

And there you have it! A simple yet effective way to earn more points and rewards faster on items that many of us already purchase on a routine basis.

Have you tried this Optimum Card trick? Let us know in the comment section.

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