The future of fast food is coming and it’s making its first stop at McDonalds! The Meridian Booster recently reported that a McDonalds in Lloydminster, Alberta is one of three restaurants participating in a pilot program to test out a new ordering system (pictured above). The new system allows customers to place their orders through a touchscreen menu.

“We are currently undertaking a small pilot program of Self-Order Kiosks in a handful of restaurants,” John Gibson, a spokesperson for McDonalds told the Meridian Booster.  “We believe this is very timely in today’s digital age and in an environment where our guests are continually looking for fast, accurate and convenient service as well as user-friendly ordering options.”

With any new technology, one of the biggest concerns is how it will affect the staff. Gibson noted that the new kiosks should not affect staffing. “From a scheduling standpoint, a restaurant should look at having scheduling/positioning someone on-hand to assist customers, as questions and get feedback – which is the case for the restaurants with the kiosks.”

There have been no confirmations as to if the kiosks will be making their way across Canada since the program is still in its early stages, however, discussions will further once McDonalds receives feedback from the participating franchises. We’ve begun to see self-order stations in fast food chains like A&W, but they typically go ignored and unused.

Do you think McDonalds will have better success with their self-order stations?

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