Bringing awareness about below-the-belt-cancers has been Mark McIntyre’s national goal. As a testicular cancer survivor,  Mark McIntyre is back, and this time he’s Streaking across Canada and inviting Canadians to join in.

Stanfield’s underwear new campaign titled #StreakWeek, features McIntyre ( a big hit in Stanfield’s previous campaigns) and will help bring awareness by creating experiential events for Canadians to learn about below-the-belt cancers.

McIntyre will be showing up at various events coast to coast  from October 18th – to the 26th in nothing by his Stanfield’s Underwear, as part of the awareness and fundraising campaign.

The campaign is intended to target a younger generation of males. “Almost half of the cases of testicular cancer are in men between the ages of 20-34,” said David Glen, senior art director at John St.

“We wanted an idea that allowed people to get involved. Something that was not only attention-grabbing but also very funny,” he added.

Source: Marketing Mag

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