Moms: We put them on a pedestal because they are the ones who taught us how to walk, to laugh, to play and overall, how to be a decent human being, but sometimes we forget that they’re human beings too! They have feelings (as we learned in these confessions from real moms), they like to have fun and they were our age at some point too. We have these strange delusions that our moms are, well, moms. That they always have the answers and are always calm, cool and collected – think again!

We’re big fans of Jimmy Kimmel‘s ‘Pedestrian Questions‘ segment (remember this one with Drake or attendees at New York Fashion Week?) Last year, Jimmy Kimmel asked moms on Hollywood Blvd what the most shocking thing their kids don’t know about them is. I, for one, can’t (and don’t really want to) picture my mom hitting bong tokes or mud wrestling naked, but I love that these moms did! Watch all the hilarious answers above.

These moms confess the most shocking thing their kids don’t know about them – what’s your secret?

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