We at StyleDemocracy always strive to showcase great local talent and help you as our reader explore and discover amazing brands in your very own backyard. With this in mind, our friends at monte & coe – the Toronto brand known for their made in Canada  premium handcrafted luggage are launching an Indiegogo campaign in an effort to raise money to keep production local.


“Our goal is to provide a high-quality handmade bag with the best raw materials available at an accesible price point. every monte & coe bag is made using old-world techniques, rarely seen in modern manufacturing. having local production allows us to have the quality control over every step of the process. this attention to detail and quality control is what differentiates us. We are running this campaign to make sure our manufacturing continues to stay local. ” – Matt Monterro

“We are really excited to show the world the quality and style that Toronto can produce.” – Ron Scarafile

If you believe in supporting high-quality work that is developed in your country, take a peek at their awesome campaign video (below) and learn more about monte & coe, their products and a behind the scenes look at how their fantastic bags are made.

You can support the monte & coe Indiegogo campaign here 

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