As you may already know, the urge to own designer handbags is a huge factor today, and owning a pair of nice shoes is just the same. Many women will go out and splurge hundreds or even thousands, on a pair of red-soled Louboutin’s, but the market for luxurious and meticulously crafted sneakers is also vast!

With many different iconic and crazy picks, here are the top 10 most expensive sneakers:

1. Giuseppe Zanotti Swarovski Animal Effect – $1,955

most expensive sneakers

Known for his super outrageous designs, giant golden buckles and zippers, Zanotti sneakers are some of the coolest (and most expensive). These are at the top range of the pricing for his regular leather shoes. Crafted in black suede, encrusted in Swarovski crystals to show animal print, and showcasing the namesake Zanotti double zips, these are some really amazing shoes!

2. Rick Owens Moody Geobasket ­– $3,380


One of the newer names in the game, Rick Owens offers some of the most unique wear. An iconic piece in his collection are his shoes and sneakers, which are usually either super high and lace-less or feature an elongated tongue. These Geobasket’s are even more unique, comprising of blood and milk toned iguana skin. Even the colour names are cool!

3. Versace Black Leather Medusa High-Tops – $1,575

most expensive sneakers

These are the ultimate Versace kicks and brand new for this season! In jet black with the ultra iconic medusa emblem on the tongue, these shoes are easily recognizable, but really unique with the large chain across the front and croc embossed details. Versace is all about the in-your-face look, and these definitely serve up to standards!

4. Christian Louboutin Rantus Men’s Flat – $1,995

most expensive sneakers

The famous bloody red-soled shoes that we all know, love, and eternally lust for, Louboutin’s are definitely show stoppers. The Rantus in the classic Louboutin sneaker shape, isn’t only distinctive by the red sole that pops when you walk, but by the eclipse coloured python skin. It is extremely eye-catching and gorgeous.

5. Air Jordan Retro 12 OVO Edition – $15,000+

most expensive sneakers

Ultra limited and rare, these shoes are said to be given out to OVO crew friends & family, which means the Air Jordan 12’s are super exclusive! They haven’t even been sold to the public yet. One seller, who could potentially be one of Drake’s actual friends, has decided to post a pair of the 12’s on eBay for $15,000. A pair had already sold for around $100,000, so these are a really good deal considering!

6. A Diciannoveventitre Cavallo Oil trainer – $3,245

most expensive sneakers

A brand that isn’t considered mainstream – or known by many at all – A Diciannoveventitre’s are one of the most elite pairs of sneakers. From what I can see, their shoes seem to be hand made and distressed by some of the finest craftsmen Italy has to offer. With unique dying and perfect details that give the shoe its character, it’s no wonder that it would be a thing of beauty. But for such a high price tag, you must be pretty lucky to go about purchasing a pair!

7. Salvatore Ferragamo Riviera 2 Crocodile ­– $1,800

most expensive sneakers

Crafted in one of the most exotic skins, these Ferragamo Riviera 2 sneakers are ultra luxe. If you want to look top notch and feel like you’re wearing the diamond equivalent in leathers, then these sneakers are for you. Although they aren’t the most expensive pair of sneakers out there, rounding at almost 2 grand, they’re pretty pricey – not to mention, really nice as well!

8. Jimmy Choo Belgravia Star-Studded High Top – $2,350

most expensive sneakers

The popular and ultra-coveted brand Jimmy Choo, whom everyone seems to be crazed over, has created an extra special version of his Belgravia sneaker. This sneaker is made in Italy and features a distressed suede hight top and faceted star studs.

9. Louis Vuitton Jasper’s by Kanye West – $1,140

most expensive sneakers

Although these may not be sold anymore, the Louis Vuitton Jasper’s by Kanye West are some of the most sought after and overpriced sneakers. Why overpriced? Well because they are super rare, by Louis Vuitton, are limited edition, and designed by Kanye West! Right now, they are selling for $3000 – $9000 on eBay! I have to say, they are quite the shoes and I wish I could own a pair myself!

10. Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October Edition by Kanye West – $245

most expensive sneakers

Our last pair of choice for the most expensive sneakers were also designed by Mr. West, but this time for Nike. For $245, these sneakers are the cheapest on our list however, when they went on sale online at, they sold out within 3 minutes! Right after they had released, people were selling them for upwards of $16 million. Yep, you read that right. People are so desperate to get their hands on them, they’re even willing to steal them off the homeless! Find them all on eBay here, but beware of replicas!

What do you think of these most expensive sneaker choices? Would you splurge a couple grand on a pair of kicks?

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