So far, we’ve covered the most Instagrammable places and coffee shops in Toronto, but if you’re looking to step up your Instagram game a little further, you can’t do it without a snazzy restaurant pic or two. Among the many things that the city does well is food, and with great food comes great backdrops. From unique venues to crisp clean spaces, these are the 10 most Instagrammable restaurants in Toronto – your phone is practically begging you to snap a picture.


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New(ish) to the King Street West neighbourhood is the much-talked about Italian eatery, Oretta. You’ll be feeling just peachy after snapping a pic of the pastel art deco print that decorates the wall. Modern furniture adds pops of colour, while the marble bar in the centre of the room would make any food photographer swoon.


Image: Instagram/@dolceartistry

If you’re looking to Instagram pics of a bougie brunch or dinner, head to French-style restaurant Colette. The crisp white space boasts vaulted ceilings, plush seating, and airy accents. It could fool anyone into thinking you just took a getaway to Paris. Not to mention the patio is housed under an architectural dream of white crisscrossed beams.


Image: Instagram/@clunydistillery

Another French restaurant on the top of their game is Cluny. What can we say? The French know style – c’est la vie. The patterned tile is the epitome of floor porn and the art-deco finishings and eclectic collection of mirrors lining the walls guarantee an Instagram-worthy shot. Oh, and don’t forget to look up – the ceiling is on point.


Image: Instagram/@yumeechung

Noting that Lena is an Oliver & Bonacini restaurant, as well as attached to Saks, it’s a given that this posh spot exudes style. The three-floor restaurant has ample opportunity for snaps, be it the intricate bar/light feature, the marble bar top or plush alcove booths.


Image: Instagram/@byblostoronto

Mediterranean restaurant, Byblos, echoes coastal vibes and the geometric design and features are uber slick and stylish. There’s a bounty of opportunity for some eye-catching pics that will entice more than a few likes out of your followers. Also, the food is basically art; just go look at their Instagram.


Image: Instagram/@rosaalyn

You’ve probably seen the leafy green wallpaper at Planta pop up on your Instagram feed. Originality is hard to come by these days, so we say go for it, and Instagram it too. If you air on the side of counter-culture and haven’t joined the hoards swooning over foliage-plastered walls, the modern design of the plant-based eatery is pretty picture-worthy too.

Piano Piano

Image: Instagram/@missjennachadwick

The standout feature of Piano Piano has to be the bold floral print that decorates the entire outside wall. The interior is equally snap-worthy with menus that look like newspapers and an ongoing floral theme of colourful blooms and pastel tones, along with artwork created by the owner’s daughter.

Miss Things

Image: Instagram/@missthingsbar

If you’re looking to add a touch of tropical paradise to your Instagram, Miss Things is exactly what you need! The tiki-like restaurant echoes themes of the beach with vacation colours, murals, and floral arrangements. Everything right down to their extravagant fruity cocktails and cuisine looks like it came straight from the island of Hawaii.

The Drake Sky Yard

Image: Instagram/@thecuriouscreature

When it comes to Instagrammable, The Drake Sy Yard is an obvious choice. From the contemporary artwork to the geometric patterned walls and collection of murals, bright colours and quotes, there’s more than a few good picture opportunities here. Plus the outdoor atmosphere and open sky add a nice touch of ambiance.

La Societe

Image: Instagram/

Surprise, surprise – we have another French restaurant to top off the list. La Societe is not quaint by any means, but lavish and colourful with pottery, and an impressive stained glass ceiling. There’s even a bright yellow bicycle by the bar that some braver folk have climbed on top for a pretty epic photo – we actually saw proof of this on Instagram.

Which of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Toronto have you been to? Did we miss any?

Featured Image: Instagram/@colettetoronto

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