Today, our friends at NEEDS&WANTS have passed along the full look at their new 2014 campaign.  The campaign is comprised of some of Toronto’s most influential people in the fashion industry including NEEDS&WANTS lead designer Sean Brown’s mentors and peers. With subtle designs and a futuristic look, Sean Brown and his team continue to produce beautiful outerwear and in a short time have left their unique stamp on the Canadian fashion industry.

The minds of this generation aspire for ideas, products and spaces that reflect a heightened taste. What we wear, where we live, what we eat and how we create have all become parallel in our projection of great living. What can be used to symbolize this idea of the inspired future? Our subtle answer is a jacket—a varsity jacket.

Much like its representation for almost a century in the context of camaraderie, our varsity represents a bigger idea, a higher standard. In this case, a specific taste and well rounded living. A NEEDS&WANTS product personifies the non-traditional, less-is-more approach to living. Our contribution to a uniform of the future imperfect—the achievements yet reached, begun by fashioning our best selves. Fashion as we know it is merely an accessory of style and good taste. 


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