Negotiate Like A Boss and Save Money On Almost Anything

Here’s how to negotiate like a boss and save money on almost anything!

It’s January and we understand… your wallet had a bit of a workout last month! While heading into the New Year with a lighter wallet, did you know that you could save money on almost anything? That’s right! StyleDemocracy is here to tell you that it’s okay to negotiate prices (in fact it’s encouraged). All it takes to negotiate a discount is politeness, patience and a bit of persistence. Here’s how to negotiate like a boss and save money on almost anything!

Gym Memberships

  1. Consider all of your options.

We bet that there was a fitness goal amongst your New Year’s resolutions. If you’re not yet a gym member, compare prices before signing up for a membership. You can almost always negotiate a discount by signing up towards the end of the month when gyms are looking to hit their membership quotas. We recommend negotiating with sales advisors to explore all potential discount options – you can often find a savings plan based on your age, employer or alma mater.

Furniture, Major Appliances and Electronics

  1. Be flexible.

When shopping on a budget for furniture, major appliances or electronics, be willing to scoop up a floor model for a deep discount. Do your homework by researching when new models of a particular item will be released. Prior to the release, ask to speak to the store’s manager and negotiate purchasing a display model once it’s removed from the sales floor. Save not only money but also time, by forgoing the bulk of the assembly.

Bills Bill Bills

  1. Beg for mercy.

Did you recently get hit with a charge that you weren’t expecting? Whether it’s a credit card interest fee or cell phone roaming charges, we recommend negotiating the fee ASAP with a customer service representative over the phone or in person. Calmly ask the service provider to clarify the reason for the charge and ask to have pity taken on you for being a “first offender”. Companies will often wave the charge entirely based on previous good behaviour or cut your bill in half because their policy was not clearly communicated.

How do you negotiate prices like a boss? Have you found any of our negotiating tips useful? Leave a comment down below.