Last night I was invited by the lovely Valerie Starchurski of Charming Media to go check out the 2013 Nella Bella Fall/ Winter collection. So I grabbed my trusty assistant (read very helpful girlfriend) and headed to the preview.

Nella Bella is a Canadian bag and accessories company specializing in vegan friendly options. If you’ve felt other vegan friendly stuff it’s usually not up to par, and don’t even get me started on pleather. But what Nella Bella has done is truly amazing.

Made completely out of vegan friendly materials, when feeling and holding the bags it was hard to believe that they weren’t made out of leather. The styles were on trend, and almost every accessory and bag just oozed functionality ( in a sexy way).

We were digging all the bags, the iPad cases were amazing and we loved the metallic collection. However my girlfriend loved the London bag, and I would agree. It’s stylish, functional and is positioned at an amazing price point.

If your looking for anew hand bag do not sleep on Nella Bella, this brand is going places!

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