Nestlé-owned Swiss coffee brand Nespresso has been expanding its Canadian brick-and-mortar operations of the past several years, and it’s not finished yet. According to Brand Manager Caroline Desvaux, Nespresso will look to expand its store base into Western Canada over the next two years, following solidifying its presence in Quebec and Ontario. Nespresso is working with brokerage Oakmont Real Estate Services for its Canadian store expansion.

Ms. Desvaux explained Nespresso’s three store concepts: flagship ’boutique-bars’ (selling food, coffee drinks as well as coffee makers/pods), mall-based boutiques (selling coffee makers/pods), and partner shop-in-stores. Nespresso currently operates two large boutique-bars — its first opened on Montreal’s Rue Crescent in 2009, and a spectacular 14,000 square foot Toronto location (designed by Italian firm Goring & Straja) followed in the fall of 2013 in a former theatre on Yorkville’s Cumberland Street…

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Image: Via Retail-Insider

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