Commuters and tourists alike will be happy to know that getting around the city is going to be easier than ever. There’s a new bike sharing service coming to Toronto, and it might be the cheapest option yet!

Launching this summer, Dropbike, is a smart bike sharing service that provides a simple, convenient and affordable solution to urban transit problems. The coolest part is that the system is dock-free or what they’re calling stationless bike sharing.

How it works is users find a bike with the smartphone app, and then scan a QR code to receive the combination to unlock their new ride. Next go for a joy ride – no really, ride it where ever you please. Once the user has had their fun, they locate a park zone on the app, or what their calling a “haven”, which is an artificial zone in a public space where you leave the bike.

Sounds pretty cool, right? While it’s also very cheap! Rentals are starting at $1 per hour, although this is likely to increase so we suggest taking advantage of the service while it’s still new.

According to the Dropbike website, they also “aim to partner with communities to make sure that everyone wins – cities, residents, and the environment.” How nice! The website also states that thousands of bikes will be arriving in as early as a few weeks.

Will you use the Dropbike service to get around Toronto this summer?

Feature image: Instagram/@chrmoro
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