Ah, alas! A clothing store meets espresso shop meets housewares meets books store meets graphic design studio all in one. A bit of a mouthful, huh? Okay, well let’s break it down a bit…

With so many genres under one roof, it is difficult to put your finger on a specific umbrella term for the new Summerhill addition, Room 2046. As “store”owner 29-year-old Kumala Nio says, she has gained her inspiration for such a multi-disciplinary concept boutique (we’ll stick with this title) through her worldly travels, attempting to bring together the various experiences onto one home base (source).

At Room 2046, it is not uncommon to casually sip on a cup of coffee, browsing through – careful not to spill! – threads by brands such as Juma, Maison, and Bob Carpenter while withholding to consume the deliciously-smelling Joya vegetable soaps for men. Not what you’ve come for? Well, then why not take a turn at the unique selection of housewares or books. Oh, but that’s not it…this store-cum-design studio “takes a holistic approach in providing clients creative services in branding and graphic design,” (source).

So I guess what we have here is something that falls under the Chicken-and-the-Egg dilemma, where variety leads creativity…or is it vice versa?

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