It looks like Skechers is in some hot water. Popular affordable sneaker and footwear brand Skechers is being sued by Nike for allegedly copying Nike’s sneaker designs. While anyone with eyes and an interest in sneakers have seen countless brands try to re-create some on Nike’s most popular designs including the Roshe Runner, The Flyknit Sneaker, and Converses’ All Star Chuck Taylor (owned by Nike). With such a high level of “influencing” or “copying” (depending on how you look at it) It was only a matter of time before Nike for litigious. The Portland Business Journal is reporting that Nike has filed a complaint of copyright infringement on Skechers, citing that Skechers’s Burst Sneaker is a direct copy of the Nike Flyknit family.


Skechers Burst

We will give you more information as it comes about.

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