This Nike Store Was Completely Destroyed on Black Friday

Shopping a sale gives a euphoric feeling – an adrenalin rush. So it’s no wonder people go absolutely insane during sales like Black Friday! One Nike Store saw the absolute worst of it.

When you’re shopping an amazing sale, your awareness heightens, your heartbeat quickens and your brains begins to release neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. You get a euphoric feeling – an adrenalin rush, so it’s no wonder people go absolutely bat sh*t crazy over shopping holidays like Black Friday… Kind of like what happened to this Nike store at the Seattle Premium Outlets.

The store was pristine when it opened last Thursday night for Black Friday promotions.

Let’s just say – Outlet video tomorrow!

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However, an employee told BuzzFeed that from 8pm on Thursday to 10pm Friday, about 20,000 people made their way through the store’s doors. “People [were] not putting anything back in the right place at all the whole time we were open,” the employee said. Savages we tell ya.

Watch the madness in the videos below.

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To be honest, we’re not even sure how people were able to walk away with their correct sizes after seeing those videos. That is some serious dedication for deals. We hope they were good!

While one shopper reported he got a sprain in his neck from shaking his head so much, there were no other reports of injury from this insane sale.

And surprisingly, the Nike representative told Mashable that the store was clean as a whistle the following Saturday.

Meanwhile, in Canada…

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How was your Black Friday? Did you see anything as crazy as this Nike store?

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