BIG news rolled out this morning – Riccardo Tisci, designer of Givenchy, exclusively reported to that he has been working on a secret project with Nike. Products with the logo ‘NIKE RT’, will hit stores and this Spring. “For me, Nike represents a lot: my childhood, America,” Tisci told “In Europe, America is the flag, McDonald’s, Marlboro, and Nike, for a kid it’s very important.”

Although both Tisci and Nike did not go into detail about what type of products the collaboration will feature or what it will look like, it is confirmed that footwear play a major part and that the aesthetics will be “strong without being loud.”

In the interview, Ian Ginoza, Nike’s Global Footwear Director, expressed his love for the way the Givenchy designer is able to blur the lines with street fashion and believe us – the feeling is mutual. Givenchy’s graphics prints such as this Bambi crew neck sweater and this sequin Rottweiler tee are still on our covet list and we can’t wait to see the fruits of the collaboration up close and personal when they hit stores in the Spring.

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