Sneakerheads and Nike fans will be pleasantly surprised to hear that NIKEiD is finally available in Canada.


If you’ve never heard of NIKEiD – it’s a service created by Nike that allows customers to personally customize clothing and footwear purchased through Essentially the customer can become a designer making decisions about colours, patterns¬†and add-ons. Although NIKEiD was launched in 2000* and services, the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Japan, and China, the service has taken 15 years to come to Canada. While Canadians could obviously view the NIKEiD program through the U.S. Nike website, Canadian shoppers were locked out of the shipping process making it impossible to get NikeID product north of the border.

At last the wait is over. Canadians can now have NIKEiD customized products shipped to a Canadian address as of this week!

Check out NIKEiD and start to get creative! 


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