With more information being released about the arrival of Nordstrom, it seems that the brand has a direct strategy to outdo  (crush) The Hudson’s Bay Company and Harry Rosen’s.

Industry insiders are reporting that Nordstrom will attempt to secure a large roster of designers to compete with Hudson’s Bay and Harry’s. While Nordstrom knows that Holt Renfrew will still be considered the most upscale department store in Canada, Nordstrom will try to out- perform major Canadian retailers by focusing on shoes ( some of department store’s highest margins) and customer service.  A task they should easily be able to beat Hudson’s Bay at ( sometimes shopping there I don’t see staff on the floor at all.)

Experts are saying that Harry’s needs to remain vigilant as Nordstrom will put extreme effort into offering a broader range of quality men’s clothing and accessories with exceptional (possibly no – commission style) customer service.

Additionally Nordstrom has already put The Bay on notice, alluding to the fact that they will secure many of the designers Hudson’s Bay would carry including: Rachel RoySpendidDiane von FurstenbergMcQ Alexander McQueen and “many others”.

So what are you going to do? Will you shop at Nordstrom’s for a greater selection of products cheaper prices and better customer service? Or will you support Canadian brands and hope that with the arrival of Nordstrom of Canadian counterparts step up their game?

Source: Retail- Insider 

  • Steve

    Can’t Wait for Nordstrom to come. Bring on the better customer service. I shop over the boarder all the time, and they have such better customer service and better shoes! Bay Doesn’t stand a chance!

  • Brian

    Steve, if you didn’t know the bay on queen is expanding. When finished they will have the largest shoe selection in Canada. And support Canada. Nordstroms is aiming more at sporting life (sherway gardens is opening one)

  • Greg

    Brian I really think people like you are the reason why companies overcharge in Canada! Bring in the competition! I want cheaper prices and better customer service that will only happen with More competition, And As far As I know it’s Holts that’s getting the 10,000 square foot shoe department Not the Bay!

  • Rohan

    Im excited but I think the bay has been planning for this. That’s why they’re trying to get uniqlo. Saw that on style democracy!!

  • Sarah

    What about women’s?all this sounds like menswear talk, styledemocracy what about women’s wear at nordstroms?

  • Sanjeet

    Honestly. I don’t know what the hype about nordstroms is. I’ve been it sucks boring.
    People need to care about stuff other than shopping.

  • Tod

    Why are you on a fashion/ shopping blog then? Why you mad bro?

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