Nordstrom opened its CF Toronto Eaton Centre flagship to huge crowds on the morning of Friday, September 16, and staff were busy throughout the weekend as hordes of shoppers descended on the store to check out its wares. The store is reportedly expected to be one of the company’s top performers.

Excited fans waited outside of the store’s mall entrances for the 10:00 am opening. As opposed to a traditional store ribbon cutting, Nordstrom staff lined up and clapped as customers streamed into the store and explored all three floors. There was a remarkable number of smiling patrons who were examining merchandise in a variety of departments. The store’s third-floor Sugarfinacandy shop had a lineup to purchase almost immediately, and Nordstrom shopping bags were seen throughout the new store as purchases were being made. Sales staff we spoke with said that the store was consistently busy throughout the day, with one comparing it to Macy’sManhattan flagship during the busy Christmas season.

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Photo via @Retail-Insider

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