Style Spotlight: Odessa Paloma Parker

Our next Style Spotlight is best known for her bold style & is frequently named the city’s best dressed. Allow us to introduce you to Odessa Paloma Parker.

Our next Style Spotlight is best known for her bold style and is frequently named the city’s best dressed.

Allow us to introduce you to Odessa Paloma Parker. 

Today, you may know her as the fashion editor at The Globe and Mail, but Parker was in Toronto’s fashion scene long before she started writing attention grabbing headlines for Canada’s national newspaper. Prior to her current gig, Parker co-founded and ran locally-focused magazine, Plaid. After a three-year stint, she moved into the world of styling, working with heavy-hitters like Cosmo TV and ET Canada. And if that isn’t an impressive enough resume, she is also the founder of Vintage Crawl Toronto.

We had the opportunity to talk to Parker about her favourite shops, what she thinks is the key to success, and 5 local designers you should know. Take a peek at the interview below.

odessa paloma parker
Odessa Paloma Parker

Define your style in 3 words.

Magical mystery vibes.

What are some of your own style ‘rules’ that you like to live by?

If it makes me smile, I’ll wear it.

What are your ‘go-to’ shopping destinations?

In Toronto: Life of Manek, Chosen (both vintage)

In London, UK: House of Hackney

In NYC: Uniqlo, which we now have in Toronto!  

4. Do you have any favourite local designers?

I love Comrags, Jennifer Torosian, Opelle, Rebekah Price and UNTTLD.

Where do you currently shop online?

Net-a-porter, Shopbop.

If you could give style advice to our followers, what would it be?

Wear what you feel like and don’t let anyone tell you that dressing a certain way is the key to success. Your attitude is the key!

To keep up with Odessa Parker, follow her on Instagram at @odessapaloma.

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