Last week, we reported that  Aeropostale was in major trouble, and it looks like the once exciting teen brand is officially going under… In Canada.

The fashion brand based out of New York, once a mall staple is now seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the U.S.  The brand announced on Wednesday that it will close 113 total stores out of the brand’s 739 stores.

The interesting part is that out of the 113 stores that will close 41 Canadian stores are slated to get the axe, leaving a grand total of zero stores north of the American border.

According to the Financial Post, stores will begin a going-out-of-business sale starting this weekend.

The Financial post goes on to speculate that Aeropostale will emerge from the bankruptcy protection, but still another American retailer has failed in Canada.  With so many stores closing in Canada it will be very interesting to see who lasts and who goes.

Source: The Financial Post

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