About a month ago we released a story discussing the possibility of Danier going bankrupt. It appears that this news is now official as Danier announced this morning that they are closing all stores and outlets across Canada.

The closing process will take the form of a massive liquidation sale.  This will be a similar closing to Target in the sense that everything is up for grabs including furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

Earlier this morning Danier released an email outlining the closing sale:

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We have yet to hear how long the closing will take, however, we expect prices to continue to drop as time progresses.

Stay tuned to StyleDemocracy for more information. You can check out the Danier Sale here


  • karenkns

    Another Canadian retailer gone. 🙁

  • Olivier Giard

    Prices now (march 10) are more expensive than the were 2 weeks ago. Dont bother going for a couple of weeks. I’ve been watchin one jacket in perticular that was 249 in dec, 229 on boxing day and 249 2 weeks ago. It is now selling at 299. ( says original peice 399 at 25% off).

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