Working in the fashion industry, it’s easy to get caught up in the ideals of beauty – who has the best hair, the most expensive wardrobe, or who is the skinniest? I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve tried all those crazy fad diets (embarrassingly enough, I’m on one right now,) and it’s easy to take the meals I’ve had (or purposely haven’t had) for granted. There are millions of people around the world that are hungry and that face food insecurity, even though the solution is just $1 per meal a day.

The cure to the problem begins at home and that’s why I am thrilled to announce that StyleDemocracy will be teaming up with ONEXONE for their upcoming Million Meals Movement! On Friday, May 23, 2014, join us at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts for a star-studded concert featuring Simple Plan, MAGIC!, Alyssa Reid & Kardinall Offishall. Tickets are only $49.95 and all proceeds will go towards the ONEXONE and Simple Plan Foundations

In addition to the Live Nation produced concert, a number of volunteers, including myself, will be packaging meals at Kool Haus in collaboration with Sodexo, the world leader in quality of life services. We’ll be packing meals with the goal to serve 1 million customers. The meals will be distributed across Toronto and Montreal. “It’s time we bring the discussion of food insecurity in Canada to the forefront,” says Joey Adler, Founder and Chair of ONEXONE. “The idea of not having a meal to eat is a very serious reality for many Canadian families. There is no reason why hunger should exist, and ONEXONE is inviting everyone to take a stand and help make a difference by joining the movement to end hunger.”

Help us alleviate hunger across North American and take part in the ONEXONE Million Meals Movement:

Purchase tickets to the Million Meals Event here 

Learn more about ONEXONE here.

Donate to the Million Meals Movement here.


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