Ontario Place Is Set To Become a Massive Park

By next summer, 7.5 acres of Ontario Place’s property will be turned into a public park space.

Originally openend in May of 1971, Ontario Place has been an iconic part of Toronto’s Waterfront.  Unfortunately, for man Ontario residents, The Place shut down in 2012 and has been off-limits for years.

Yesterday, media was allowed to take a sneak peek at what the future of Ontario Place will look like.  By next summer, 7.5 acres of Ontario Place’s property will be turned into a public park space.  The opening of the park will align with Canada’s 150 birthday celebrations which kick off summer 2017.

Here is what the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport think the final project can look like.


1. Culture, discovery and innovation hub

A new iconic core area that could provide places and spaces for future ideas, with a focus on culture, innovation, learning and research.

Image of the culture, discover and innovation hub.


2. Blue Park

THis Artist impressions of a waterscape or `blue park’ to bring playful activity and people onto the water with a series of floating elements and surfaces around the Cinesphere and pods.

Image of Blue Park
Image of Blue Park during Winter


3. Creating connections: Canal district, landscaped pedestrian bridge

This is an artist impressions of a new waterfront promenade along the northern edge of the site – a canal district – you can expect it to be used for shopping, dining and performance, helping create a greater connection with the growing neighbourhoods close by.

Image of a canal district

This is a concept for a pedestrian land bridge that extends across Lake Shore Boulevard into Exhibition Place.
Image of the land bridge


4. Celebration Common

These are some Ideas for the east island landscape. Inspiration is taken from the performance legacy of Ontario Place

Image of Celebration Common with families sitting on blankets, cyclists on paths and children running and playing
Image of Celebration Common during an outdoor event filled with a crowd of people.


5. Park and Trail

The first step will be the new urban park and waterfront trail along the eastern edge of Ontario Place. Important elements of this park and trail include a garden to sit back,  relax and take in the views. There will be an included rock play area.

Image of the romantic garden.
Image of the Bluffs lower trail.
These description excerpts we drawn from www.mtc.gov.ca/en/onatrioplace/ontarioplace.shtml